Custom Deck Conceptsoffers two types of services:

Designing beautiful and unique custom decks according to your preferences

Most great custom deck creations begin with a design idea, and building an attractive and functional deck is no exception. By taking advantage of our experience in deck construction, the ideas you have for your particular outdoor project will come to life.

We offer a free estimate of every deck or other outdoor project as a valued service to each and every customer. So there's really no risk at all to exploring the possibilities.

We will provide you with some sample images that illustrate some of the design elements that help make a deck unique and functional. Or, you may have an original idea you'd like to explore. Either way, designing a deck for your home is as easy as saying—let's get started! Just give us a call and we will immediately mobilize our team of experts to get your deck started!

Bringing your customized decks to life

Today there are more choices than ever in terms of construction materials to build your outdoor project. In addition to domestic and imported woods, many man-made products are gaining popularity because of their construction flexibility and durability.

Custom Deck Concepts combines the latest in building materials with over 20 years of deck-building experience. With proper maintenance, your new deck or other outdoor project will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and add value to your home.

We take great pride in our craft, and have built our business one satisfied customer at a time.

In building your deck, you have the option to choose from our range of materials:

Natural wood

  • Redwood is available in several grades which vary considerably in appearance and quality. The color will vary from a light red to a dark reddish-brown. A "Clear Heart" grade is the most durable grade because of its high resistance to decay. Redwood is a soft wood and weathers to a yellowish-red very quickly.
  • Ipe (EE-Pay) is the finest quality wood available for decks. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay. It is 8 times harder than California Redwood, and is guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives! These woods will turn silver gray very fast if not sealed or stained with an ultraviolet (UV) protector.
  • Mahogany has a woven look to the grain with a courser texture. Not all mahogany has the resistance to decay needed for outdoor use. The medium to dark red and brown species are more resistant to decay. Although more durable than cedar and redwood, it is relatively soft compared to Ipe.
  • Cyprus (a.k.a. Pacific Coast Cyprus) A harder wood than Western Redwood, Cyprus is becoming more popular due to its durability and easy care. The decking will turn naturally silver with age or can be stained a natural color after 6-8 months. It works well in high traffic areas.

Man-made materials

There are several different man-made materials to choose from. We have listed below the products that we have worked with and like. Our favorite is Trex but we can work with anything you choose.

  • Trex: Trex comes in three different styles: Trex Origins, Trex Accents and Trex Brasilia
  • TimberTech
  • WeatherBest